Lisa Nagel

Lisa NagelLisa Nagel
Consultant, Speaker, Social Curriculum Specialist

Lisa Nagel is the Associate Head of School at St. Anne’s School of Annapolis, where she’s worked for the past fourteen years. Since 1993, Lisa has consulted with public and independent schools across the country to provide professional development training and curriculum development and implementation support across a wide spectrum.

Consulting with schools to devise social skills curriculum, conflict resolution education and peer mediation programs, and project-based learning approaches, Lisa focuses on deepening authentic learning and strengthening the consistency of that experience for students as they move through the grades. Lisa works with staff to promote a shared school vision while preserving individual teacher autonomy and highlighting unique contributions. Dynamic school programs benefit even further from intentionally enacting a strong social curriculum foundation and from taking time to articulate integrated academic programs within and across grade levels. Lisa believes that professional development work along these lines results in connected, comprehensive, and leading edge school programs that may also serve as marketing strengths for your school. Recent work and presentations have included:

Social Curriculum and Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Schools:

  • Comprehensive Social Curriculum Programs: Designing social curriculum, conflict resolution education and peer mediation programs for your school
  • Developmental Curriculum Design: Implementing experiential curricula aligned with patterns of school-age child development
  • Difficult Conversations: Strategies for candid and compassionate meetings with parents and colleagues
  • Everyday Leadership: Creating signature programs and hallmark traditions in schools

The Learner as Researcher: Experiential, Integrated, & Relevant Social Studies Education

  • Digging Deep: Using the Influence of the Schools of Reggio Emilia and the Project Approach in Early Childhood & Primary Classrooms.
  • The Humanities Approach in the Middle School

Anti-Bias Curriculum and Diversity Education

  • Adoptive Families in the School Community
  • Anti-Bias Curriculum and Critical Literacy: Strategies and resources for teaching social justice

Lisa brings the necessary classroom teaching perspective to her work, having started out in 1988 as an elementary teacher in an independent school. She then trained as a mediator and diversity educator and went on to work as an education specialist with a state mental health agency in Ohio, consulting with teachers, principals, and heads of school at over 100 schools, presenting programming in the areas of conflict resolution education, social skills curriculum, and peer mediation. Lisa was an advisor and keynote lecturer for the ministry of education in Lithuania in their pursuit of promoting democratic classrooms. Lisa was co-creator and editor of Contemporary Women’s Issues, a special libraries’ acclaimed on-line reference database developed for high school and university libraries. Contemporary Women’s Issues continues to be regarded as a preeminent resource for accessing information on human rights issues faced by women and children globally. She has contributed to research on the development of cyber communities among educators, supported by Stanford Research International. Lisa holds a B. A. in religion from Oberlin College and an M. Ed. in educational administration from John Carroll University, both in the great state of Ohio.