Jane Esselstyn

Jane Esselstyn

Jane Esselstyn has taught sex in some capacity or another for the last 20 years to a variety of students, parents and educators. The course titles have varied from Lifeskills, Sex Ed, The Backcountry Vagina: Our Private Parts in the Backwoods, Emerging Sexuality and Puberty from Head to Toe, to just Health. Jane is an RN, a parent and married to a middle school director.

Her specialty is middle school sexuality education. Her winning approach to the topic of sexuality education is a balanced blend of anatomy, physiology and humor. As she says, “Any group of middle-schoolers in one room is study in sexuality education. This stage mixes, in kaleidoscopic fashion, information from parents, siblings, the Internet, and the media…Not to mention their curiosity while surrounded by a range of developed, undeveloped and developing peers. It is a lively, hilarious, formative time – my favorite age to teach.”

Jane was asked to create a blog about her experience teaching sex ed. It may be accessed at:

Speaking Opportunities available for:

  • Parent Groups
  • Educators
  • Sexuality Education Instructors
  • Students/ Student Groups

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