Heidi Kasevich, PhD

Heidi Kasevich

A specialist in educating women leaders, Heidi Kasevich, PhD, is a speaker, consultant, author, and curriculum designer in the fields of leadership and global women’s issues. Her signature program, Closing the Gap, cultivates the traits of ambition, resilience, and courage, and teaches girls the skills needed to be self-aware, confident individuals who know their value and are prepared to lead through authenticity. She is passionate about the idea that with intentional leadership education, women will be able to lean in and stay in: Closing the Gap is designed to shift mindsets, provide tools for navigating gender bias, and empower girls to have a positive impact on the world.

Dr. Kasevich also works in co-educational settings to train both boys and girls to lead in compassionate, collaborative, and conscious ways in the 21st century. She believes that service learning is an important vehicle for teaching children and young adults that leadership involves building teams to create sustainable change; her highly acclaimed philanthropy curriculum, the Guide to Giving, is available to educators nationwide. Additionally, she has taken several high school groups on trips to both India and Africa as a way to teach students that effective leadership requires both a deep understanding of different cultures and a true sense of empathy. In pursuit of the goal of actualizing the leadership potential of every student, Dr. Kasevich collaborates with many organizations, including Quiet Revolution, Soapbox, Inc., and the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute (gcLi). In June 2015, she was invited to be an Alumna Scholar at the gcLi Leadership Lab.

Her expertise in educating women leaders is rooted in her research on the life of pioneering French explorer Alexandra David-Néel (forthcoming publication, A Civilized Yogi, 2016), and when coaching emerging leaders, she exposes her audiences to a spectrum of role models. A skilled storyteller, her proficiency is grounded in over two decades of experience as an effective college, secondary and middle school teacher. As History Department Chair at the Nightingale-Bamford School, she developed the Open Doors leadership program, founded Time Regained, an award-winning student journal of current affairs, and designed popular electives, World Religions and Fragile Goddesses. Prior to her tenure at Nightingale, Dr. Kasevich taught at Berkeley Carroll, Dalton, Cooper Union, and New York University. She has served as Director of the Académie de Paris, an Oxbridge Academic Program, and will co-direct the Hotchkiss Student Leadership Institute in July 2016. She received her BA in French literature from Haverford College and her doctorate in Modern European History from NYU.

Closing the Gap Seminars/Assemblies:
Be the Leading Lady of Your own Life: After exploring the gender gap in leadership, girls are empowered to follow their curiosity, view setbacks as opportunities for growth, and stand up for what they think is right.

Imperfect is Perfect: Girls investigate sources of the pressure to be “effortlessly perfect” and learn about the power of making mistakes.

Seeing is Not Believing: Students consider how media messages sculpt the ways in which they interact on a daily basis. A heightened awareness of stereotypes and biases aims to build a sense of community around the goal of gender equality.

Closing the Gap Workshops:
These workshops are designed to help girls cultivate and embrace the ARC (Ambition, Resilience and Courage) leadership traits through skill-building activities. Students are immersed in experiential learning processes.

Art of Self-Promotion; Power Language and Posing; Authentic Storytelling; How to Negotiate.

Moving Beyond “Failure” Stories; Receiving and Giving Feedback; Mindful Living; Developing a Mentoring Mentality.

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas; Managing Conflicts with Grit; How to be a Moderator; Team Work that Works.

Professional Development and Leadership Coaching:
Educating Women Leaders: The goal is to provide educators with a range of possibilities for teaching leadership to girls. Closing the Gap graduates have an internal resume of traits and skills which enable them to be effective leaders who can empower others to work together towards attaining common goals. With such training, we can close the gender gap in leadership and prepare our girls to be leaders in both their public and private lives.

Stronger Together: The goal is to assist teams of administrators and/or faculty in creating a self-aware, all-inclusive culture that honors and leverages the potential of each individual member. Workshops on collaboration and communication are designed to promote group energy and synergy.

Consulting: Leadership Programming
Designing a Signature Leadership Program: The goal is to work with administration and faculty to weave existing and future programmatic elements into a comprehensive whole. As platforms for leadership training, these elements may include, but are not limited to leadership seminars, a speaker series, mentorship and internship programs, social justice initiatives, and local/global travel. The signature program will be designed in accordance with both traditions and strategic visions.

Bringing the #GivingTuesday Movement to your School as a Social Justice Initiative: The goal is to assist educators in the implementation of the Guide to Giving. The nine lessons offer educators concrete strategies to engage students in the twin tasks of cultivating a genuine commitment to service and energizing an entire community around the idea of an international day of giving, #GivingTuesday.