Sources for Information and Research about Girls and Women

Sources for Information and Research about Girls and Women
Provided by JoAnn Deak

American Association of University Women
Although the major focus is the university level, this organization is sponsoring and collecting research about girls and education at all ages.

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity
“Through consultation, collaboration, and cooperation, CAAWS is dedicated to securing gender equity for girls and women…”

Council for Women and Girls in Independent Schools
Headed by Dory Adams, this group represents schools from across the nation and works to be a clearinghouse for information. The instrument, Gender Counts, is a valuable gender equity instrument for schools.

Girls’ Count
The mission of this organization is to expand girls’ education and career opportunities by increasing awareness and impacting policies and actions of those who influence girls- parents, educators, employers, community leaders, policymakers and the media.

Girls’ Inc.
This is a national youth organization dedicated to helping every girl become strong, smart and bold. They are a good source of information about programs.

Feminist Majority Foundation
Hosts a great website that is updated frequently about research in all areas related to females. Sponsors a task force on women and girls in sports.

Melpomene Institute for Women’s Health Research
A non-profit organization that helps girls and women of all ages link physical activity and health through research, publications and education.

National Coalition of Girls’ Schools
This organization represents approximately 80 girls’ schools across the country, with international affiliations. They work hard to be a very good clearinghouse for information about girls, schools and education.

National Association of Independent Schools
A great source to call for information about any topic related to independent school education and what member schools are doing.

National Council for Research on Women
One of the best sources of general information and research related to most female topics.

National Organization for Women
Another great general source for information and research about females.

Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport
Affiliated with the University of Minnesota, the center explores how sport and exercise influence women’s physiology, health and psychosocial development.

Women’s Sports Foundation
The foundation is a great source of sports and fitness information in the areas of education, advocacy, recognition and grants.